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Behavior Management Philosophy
We provide a daily routine that is flexible, yet structured, to ensure that children are comfortable with their surroundings and expectations.  Through sensitivity and understanding we teach each child manners, kindness, and to be respectful towards others and their belongings.  When a child displays inappropriate behavior towards others, he or she is encouraged to make amends through a sincere apology; all in a sustained effort to help teach children the basic understanding of right from wrong.  We encourage positive and respectful interaction among the children.  Sharing, taking turns, problem solving, and teamwork are stressed with equal importance, so that the children can learn to play harmoniously with one another; helping to lay the foundation for all social interactions to come later in life.

We believe that the discipline of a child is achieved through patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement.  The children are explained the rules frequently, so they know what's expected of them. Once a child is old enough to understand the rules and disobeys them, by exhibiting inappropriate behavior (hitting, aggression, etc), hurts others, or property, the following developmentally appropriate guidance techniques will be used.

1. Positive Reinforcement: The child will be encouraged when he

 or she is demonstrating acceptable behavior.
2. Redirection: The child is redirected to another activity and given an opportunity to try again at another time.
3. Time-Out: The child is separated from the group for an age appropriate amount of time (one minute per one year of age). This technique is only used when a child repeatedly will not follow our directions or listen to our words, is exhibiting temper tantrum type behavior, or hurting ones self, others or equipment.

4. Last Resort: When a child's behavior is continually upsetting or dangerous to others, a conference will be called with the parents.

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Teaching Philosophy

Parents are a child's first teacher and we respect you as the first and most important role model in your child's life.  Good communication between you as the parent and we as your child's care provider is the best way to ensure they are safe, feel secure and enjoy a fun learning environment.

Because children learn best through play and by doing.  The activities we offer are concrete, hands-on, and encourage participation, but most of all are fun.  Children in our care receive lots of both free-play and structured-play throughout each day.  We aim to provide each child in our care with a perfect balance of play-time and learning experiences throughout each day.  Each child is given the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace in a setting that is challenging, enjoyable, and instills a lifelong love of learning.

For the various age groups of children in our care, we offer developmentally appropriate activities, designed to help the whole child grow and develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.  We try to give each child a solid and well-rounded skill base to help prepare them for a strong beginning in school.  We strive to foster creativity and to instill joy in learning; to provide a place were children are encouraged to play and challenged to learn. 

Open Door Policy
Please feel free to come and go at anytime throughout the day to visit your child with or without notice.  For extended visits we will ask that you follow along with the schedule of the classroom to avoid disruption in the day for the other children in care.

Teaching Philosophy

Behavior Philosophy